MMS controller

Tyrell wraps up app for top UK sewing machine maker

Top UK sewing machine manufacturer MMS UK has been working with fellow Leeds company Tyrell to create an innovative new hardware controller solution for their industrial button sewing machines.

MMS’s new MK18 Button Attachment Machine wraps and secures any type of button at high speed and with constant precision. Wrapping, sealing and finishing the button shank only takes about one second to complete. Combining this button wrapping machine with Tyrell’s new controller app allows the machine’s productivity per hour to be set, thread consumption, the amounts of cycles to be completed as well as being able to test individual machine components direct from the app via Bluetooth LE, also known as Bluetooth 4.0. The app also gives feedback to the user letting them know how many cycles have been completed, the current temperature of the machine and other diagnostics information.

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