Delivery Cube

New GPS driver tracking app launched for Delivery Cube

Tyrell creates iOS and Android apps for Delivery Cube’s innovative GPS driver tracking system.

Tyrell has been working with London-based digital startup Delivery Cube to develop its new concept in GPS location tracking for delivery drivers. Focusing primarily on the food delivery sector like restaurants and takeaways, Delivery Cube allows businesses to manage their drivers and deliveries, calculating locations and directions to drop-offs, and organising and logging payments. Tyrell worked with Delivery Cube to develop iOS and Android apps for drivers to track their location and manage their current orders.

The system’s truly innovative feature is the ability for Delivery Cube members to loan out any of their drivers with spare capacity to other local businesses, and to borrow other drivers when they have more deliveries than they can accommodate. This reduces downtime and increases productivity which can result in substantial cost savings for the business.

Tyrell Managing Partner Duncan Scobie commented: “This is an exciting project to be working on – it’s a bit like Uber for takeaways! The driver sharing feature is an really interesting concept and will help food retailers to save money and cut costs. It’s a competitive marketplace so this sort of facility could give business owners the edge they need. It’s also about collaboration and networking with similar businesses in the area, sharing resources and helping each other out where possible.”

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