Managing Partner

Tyrell managing partner Duncan Scobie is a digital professional with over ten years experience in the field. As lead developer at Tyrell he takes responsibility for all our app and website projects, working with the team to deliver award-winning projects for our clients. Duncan specialises in Android and has a particular enthusiasm for Personal Area Network projects, including Bluetooth, NFC and RFID systems. He enjoys both front and backend web development, working with everything from server management to text styling. In his free time Duncan enjoys music, beer, board games and cricket.

Executive Partner

Alasdair Yeo is Tyrell’s executive partner, providing management and strategic oversight of our work programme. He is a Social researcher by trade, with 10 years experience as a senior government analyst delivering large scale research programmes. Alasdair loves all things technological, be it programming Android apps or playing with Arduino and RPi electronics projects. His current fascination is the Internet of Things and sticking Bluetooth chips anywhere he can. Some of his many hobbies include the weather, barometers, cricket, beer and sailing.

Chief Entertainment Officer

Fuggles is the company dog and chief entertainment officer. Following a dynamic role at local agency Park where he implemented a tree-based social media strategy, Fuggles brings new vision and leadership to corporate affairs at Tyrell. In his spare time he enjoys running, sleeping, and collecting shoes.