Tyrell delivers ‘industry first’ app for Pitman Training

Tyrell delivers ‘industry first’ app for Pitman Training

This week sees the launch of a national campaign, driven by leading Wetherby based training provider, Pitman Training Group, as the team set to overhaul worrying statistics on the UK’s attitude towards work.

Shocking recent surveys reveal that: 27% of young people in work feel depressed ‘always’ or ‘often’. 48% of NEETs feel this way; Only 8% of us feel we’re in our dream job. Over 42% waste up to four hours a week dreaming of what we could be doing instead but 72% of people rate being happy at work as one of the most important factors to their job.* This week sees Pitman Training Group kick off a national tour to try and redress this.

Pitman Training Group, which has over 100 franchised centres across the UK, and is also currently driving forward growth internationally, having recently signed up partners in Libya and Australia, has invested in the development of a new free app, thought to be the first of its kind in the industry.

The app, developed by Tyrell Mobile and available worldwide, uses technology to highlight people’s skills and tap into the psychology of why people are suited to certain jobs. Launching on 2nd September as part of Pitman Training’s Drive Your Future Forward campaign, the app is supported by roadshow activity which sees their Pitman campervan visit six UK locations over the next month offering career advice and the chance to win the ‘ultimate career package’, alongside activity in Pitman branches nationally, including the Wetherby centre.

Claire Lister, MD of Pitman Training Group, which celebrated its 175th anniversary last year said: “Attitudes to work have changed dramatically over the years and the sentiment of the nation currently is very worrying. The intention is to help fight against the national statistics in a bid to improve workplace happiness and career satisfaction. We’re excited about taking Pitman on tour and welcoming people from all backgrounds to see how we can help them. We’re also hoping that our app will help prove that Yorkshire workers are bucking the national trend.”

Pitman Training at Wetherby will be running a series of events from 9th September . Pitman Training Centre Manager at Wetherby, Christine Walsh said: “We hope people will make a pit stop in their day to call in for a Career MOT. We believe that a bit of encouragement, in a fun way, will show there are ways we can take charge of our careers, and we hope this will lead to Yorkshire being a place full of happier workers”.

She added: “Asking if your skills are perfectly matched to the job you’re in, and if you could make use of your key character traits to help you get ahead, our Career MOTs are a chance to see how you can help yourself to be happier at work. Drop in on the way to work, in your lunch hour, whilst out shopping, or on your way home and tap into our free advice.”

More details of the campaign are available at: www.pitmancareermot.com

Having a lack of money to train came out in research as a key barrier for why people are not going after their dream jobs, with 37.5% citing this as an issue, however the Career MOT illustrates how to make existing skills pay, as well as identifying new ones you could learn, to help highlight how our unique personalities can be one of our biggest assets in our careers.

Leading happiness consultant and author, Alexandra Watson said: “Being happy at work isn’t just about whether you like your boss, get on with your colleagues and get to take advantage of long lunches from time to time – today’s workforce is much more driven than that. In tough times we might assume that people are happy just to be in a job, but this isn’t the case. This is when we think even more about our future and our prospects and if we can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel we quickly loose interest. Encouraging people to identify their skills, and key character traits that could help them move forward is a great way to show that there are more exciting futures out there. This is also true for people who are currently unemployed, who may be struggling to see any options at all – having a kind of road map to work to is a huge help”.

Pitman Training’s centre in Wetherby is based at Sandbeck Way LS22 7DN, and the Career MOT sessions start from 9th September.

The app will also be showcased at the Franchise Exhibition – 4th and 5th October at Birmingham NEC; Office* on 8th and 9th October at Olympia in London, and Skills London, Excel on 22nd and 23rd November, where the Pitman Campervan stops off at the trade shows to engage with industry delegates along with potential future franchisees.

Local app firm saves popular Leeds website

Local app firm saves popular Leeds website

App developers Tyrell Mobile have taken over one of Leeds’ most popular discussion forums after a period of uncertainty and technical issues.

SecretLeeds is dedicated to investigating quirky, unusual or mysterious aspects of the built environment, history and culture of the city of Leeds, both past and present.

Tyrell Mobile took over management of the site in January 2013 from previous owners Leeds City Council, who felt unable to continue to support the site adequately and were looking to spin it out to the community. This came after a period of extended technical issues with the site in November and December 2012, resulting in the site being unavailable for weeks at a time.

SecretLeeds was originally created in 2007 by Tyrell managing partner Duncan Scobie, and as the project had always been very close to his heart, he offered to help manage and preserve the site for the city.

The Tyrell team has spent the last few months updating the look and feel of the site, improving the functionality and generally doing a lot of work in the background to keep the site running. They promise to work hard to fix and improve SecretLeeds over the coming months and years.

Visit secretleeds.com; for more information.

Tyrell Mobile wins Guardian hack challenge

Tyrell scoops award at biggest UK hackday outside London

App developers Tyrell Mobile win The Guardian’s n0tice.com challenge at LeedsHack 2012 with a new location-based news app for Android.

n0ticeXplorer was developed by a team of two coders from startup development agency Tyrell Mobile. It beat off strong competition to win the award commissioned by n0tice, the new location-based social media platform designed for community journalism, created by the Guardian Media Group.

Built in just 24 hours, the app retrieves hyperlocal news reports, images and events based on the current device location. These can be overlayed onto Google Maps or displayed in a scrolling list. There is also a search function to find posts by hashtag, placename or user.

LeedsHack was the first hackday experience for Tyrell Mobile, which launched in April last year.

LeedsHack organiser Dom Hodgson comments: “LeedsHack is the largest independent UK hackday outside of London. The basic idea is to put 150 developers, coders and other creative types in a room, give them food, water and wifi and see what magical thing they create over the weekend.”

Taking on the n0tice challenge was a natural choice for Tyrell, according to lead developer Alasdair Yeo: “As Android specialists we immediately spotted that there was only an iPhone app available for n0tice, so for the LeedsHack challenge we decided to even things up a bit! n0tice is a really interesting project and the potential of hyperlocal social news reporting is incredible, so we’re just happy to have contributed to it in a small way. We’re really looking forward to developing the app further in the future”

n0tice.com from the Guardian Media Group was itself developed during a previous hack day event.

Director of Digital Strategy at Guardian Media Group, Matt McAlister comments: “n0tice is an open platform for people to see and share what’s happening nearby. We designed it to work like a utility service for communities and partners, so it was great to see people using the API that way at LeedsHack. n0ticeXplorer is a very clever project, and we were really impressed by Tyrell Mobile’s tech chops and ingenuity.”

The open nature of the Android platform meant that n0ticeXplorer went live at the end of the hackday and was available to download from Google Play during the judging period. To get your free download click here. EDIT: to get the official n0tice for Android app developed by Tyrell Mobile for Guardian Media Group, click here.

Developers Alasdair Yeo and Duncan Scobie gave an interview to Sarah Hartley of n0tice.com after the event. Listen to it on Audioboo here.