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Tyrell is a digital agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We build apps, create websites, and make interface and controller solutions for electronics and manufacturing hardware. We aim to provide high quality, great value digital products for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. We’re located at the heart of the Leeds City Region which includes Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, York, Wakefield and Barnsley.

We are a family business launched in 2011, going on to work for the likes of MPS, Guardian Media Group and Pitman Training. Just a few years later and we have a thriving small business with a team of four working out of our office in the Armley area of north Leeds.

If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to ask@tyrell.digital, or if you’d rather pick up the phone you can reach us at 0785 909 6565.

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App developers Leeds

We create our apps using the latest platform standards and best practices, whether they’re for Android smartphones, tablets and other devices and for iOS on iPhone and iPad. All our apps are built using native code for the best performance and reliability. We also offers consultancy services on mobile platforms, including project management and research.

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Web designers Leeds

We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to create websites with sleek modern looks and great stability, and the most popular Content Management Systems to help you easily manage your website yourself. We also offer affordable hosting and maintenance solutions for your site.

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Bluetooth, NFC and RFID Leeds

We are experts using Bluetooth, NFC and RFID communication protocols to control hardware and electronics remotely with smartphones and tablets. We’ve worked with industry leaders in manufacturing, electronics and healthcare on a range of exciting wireless interface projects.

More than 30,000 people have downloaded our apps since we launched back in April 2011. Our client portfolio includes:

Pitman Training
Guardian Media Group
Medical Protection Society
Delivery Cube
Free Movement
and many more!

Here’s what some of them said about working with Tyrell:

We were really impressed by Tyrell Mobile’s tech chops and ingenuity