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Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and more!

We are app developers specialising in Android and iOS.
We’re based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Welcome to our (old) website.

We do more than just apps these days, so we’ve rebranded as Tyrell (no Mobile) and built a new website. We’re keeping this one around for a while because Google loves it so much, but you can check out the shiny new here.


Android_green robot logoWe love Android. That little green robot is cool and with more and more great devices coming out from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Amazon Kindle, Sony and Motorola, it seems like everybody else has fallen in love too.

Apple iOS

iOS logoWe love iOS. iPhones and iPads look great and are hugely popular with everyone from doctors to schoolkids. With innovations like the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and Retina display technology, Apple remains a major player in the mobile environment.

Leeds, Yorkshire

Flat capWe love Leeds. Yorkshire folk have a reputation for straight talking honesty, a down-to-earth approach and, how shall we say, a keen interest in pricing… Tyrell is no different – we don’t mess about and our apps are more affordable than you might think!

If you’d like to get in touch, drop us an email to, phone us on 0785 909 6565 or join us on FacebookTwitter or Google+. It’d be great to hear from you.